Batak Tribe Tour in Puerto Princesa City

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For quite some time now we are still featuring tour destinations mainly found in Puerto Princesa City at the moment. For continuation, we will go to a special and not so common type of tour. Introducing you to the Batak Tribe.

Batak Tribal Tour in PalawanA Little History of Batak

Batak is one of the 70 indigenous people of the Philippines and one of the oldest tribe in Palawan. They are one of the first people who has crossed land bridges connecting Asia to the Philippines. They used to do old-style farming with the method of slash and burn, fishing and hunter-gathering style of hunting as a way of living. Restrictions on their method of farming eventually led them to other ways of livelihood. Now, their harvests include the honey, tree sap (which is sold to be used for industrial purposes), and rattan (a material used to make crafts and furniture).

There are about 300 remaining Batak tribespeople in Palawan. The population’s decrease is linked to high infant mortality rates. This is mainly because of the effect of diseases such as Tuberculosis, Measles, Chickenpox and Malaria. Also, marriages outside the tribe are now becoming a common thing so children born out of those marriages don’t necessarily follow Batak ways and cultural tradition.

Batak Tribal Tour in PalawanThe Tour

This is considered a special tour on which a minimum of 10 people per group can arrange a schedule to go to the Batak Village. At the moment of writing, the coordinators for the Batak Tour are still working on some new published rates. New schedules will be released soon.

Batak tour is normally a whole-day activity on which you will be able to witness the tribe in Batak Tribal Tour in Palawantheir natural living condition. This involves trekking that may take at least 1.5 hours or so along with crossing 8-10 rivers or streams.

Inside the village is a Visitor’s Center where you also will be able to see traditional costumes and tools for farming and fishing, and traditional musical instruments on the display.

They also prepare a dance performance which the guest can see. This is towards the end of the tour.

Tips for tourists

Please keep in mind that there are no stores nearby. Make sure that you bring enough water and or packed lunch with you.
Batak Tribal Tour in PalawanAlso, the Batak Tribal tour is different from many tours in Puerto Princesa or Palawan. This is mainly because this is an actual living community of people (the Batak). The Batak people are also normal human beings who need their privacy and respect to their territory. Tourists need to be considerate when it comes to taking pictures of the tribespeople.
Also, please avoid leaving trash behind for the Batak tribe to pick up or clean. The Bataks are not given money from this tour. Tourists are then requested to give gifts of groceries instead. For gifts and rates kindly just refer to your travel agency. Or, you may also contact the person whose name appears at the bottom of this article.
Location: Barangay Concepcion, Puerto Princesa City
Travel Time: About an hour (from San Jose Terminal)
Fare: Ranging from Php 100-Php 150 (by bus or van)
Contact Person: (None at the moment) Updated August 2018
Contact Nos. (None at the moment)

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