Happy Workers of Asia — Who’s On Top Of The List?

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Happy workers are a bundle of joy to have. A recent survey conducted by a leading online employment website JobStreet.com reported that Philippines has the highest employee satisfaction rate in Asia. Filipino workers came to be the happiest workers in Asia. This is compared to workers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

THE SURVEY SAYSHappy Workers of Asia

On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being extremely unhappy, and 10 being extremely happy; Filipinos scored an average 6.25 points.

Indonesia came second with 6.16 points. Shockingly, Singapore scored the lowest in Asia having the least happy workers at 5.09 points.

The other countries’ scores were as follows:Happy Workers in Asia

Thailand (5.74)

Hong Kong (5.54)

Vietnam (5.48)

Malaysia (5.22)


In another survey of  the World Happiness Report for 2016, Filipinos have improved it’s ranking from 90 down to 82nd place. Denmark topped the list. This is based on important factors for the people in the country. These are social support, life expectancy, Gross Domestic Product per capita or the measure of the total output of a country—it’s performance measure. The other factors include healthy life expectancy, social freedom, generosity and the absence of corruption.

Happy Workers in AsiaFACTORS BEHIND

Going back to the first survey on Filipinos as happiest workers in Asia. JobStreet country manager Philip Gioca talked about the result of the survey. Filipino workers’ spirit are high because of the growth in the economy. The result was released in September 2016.

The Happiness Index report shows that the most important factor for Filipino workers to feel satisfied at Happy Workers in Asiathe office is having good relationships between colleagues.

 “When output is growing, productivity is there, targets are met, then you can see happier people. It is actually a virtuous circle. When you have happy people, you have more productive people. Then the companies grow, and they want to invest more in their people”, said Gioca.

Filipino culture is highly relational, therefore it is very important for us to have good relationship with people. In this case it is important that we have good relationships at our working place. So, having this will make it easier for us to be happy workers.

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