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health adviceHEALTH Advice

We advise you to contact your local doctor and request his advice regarding vaccinations you should get before coming to the Philippines. We advise you to have a Hepatitis A + B shot. PPC is not considered a malaria area, but the rest of Palawan is. Please take this into account as you make plans for what you want to do in Palawan. You may wish to talk to your doctor about bringing malaria preventatives. Please tell your doctor that in Palawan, we do not recommend high strength malaria tablets for prophylaxis, only chloraquine.

If you are taking prescription medicines be sure to bring enough to last you as long as your stay in the Philippines. The government advises you to bring a signed copy of your prescriptions along with you so there will be no questions upon your arrival. We also advise you to get international health insurance covering the duration that you will be out of your country. In case you are coming as a long-term missionary, please get in touch with us about this and we will recommend a local health insurance.

At the moment of writing there are 3 different Hospitals present in Puerto Princesa City.
1. General Hospital – located on Malvar Street.
2. COOP Hospital – located close to Manalo Street (Recommended by TIP)
3. Adventist Hospital – located on Highway.


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