Irawan Eco-Park Adventure

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Irawan Eco Park PalawanPuerto Princesa City is the “cleanest and greenest city”, surrounded by rich forest and amazing natural wonders. The mayor is living up to it by their efforts in conservation of the environment.  One destination that will showcase Puerto Princesa’s green side is the Irawan Eco-Park Adventure.


Irawan Eco-Park is part of a 3,000 hectare flora and fauna protected area. Arriving here, guests will be given choices of the different activities they are interested in. It is possible just to pick out 1 activity or do the whole package.

Irawan Eco Park in Palawan


Irawan Eco-Park’s list of activities with their rates per person (updated August 2016) include the following:

  • 1.3km long Zipline* (consists of 3 stations) – Php 799.00
  • Canopy Skywalk – Php 250.00
  • Tarzan Swing – Php 150.00
  • Carabao Cart Ride – Php 50.00
  • Fish feeding – Php 50.00
  • Package Tour – Php 1300.00 (inclusive of all 5 activities above, with transportation*, lunch if tour is in the morning and snack if tour is in the afternoon)
  • Tent and Breakfast – Php 300.00 (this is a night camp-out accommodation in a tent with mattress under a nipa shed and includes Filipino* breakfast in the morning and free swimming at the Irawan River)

Irawan fastest zip

I think it’s pretty special in that this tour offers a close encounter with the nature. I know it may not sound special at all, but for a country in which many places are losing touch with the environment due to pollution and devastation, Irawan Eco-Park can be a pretty amazing experience.

So why not try this one when you are in Puerto Princesa City? You’ll never realize why Puerto Princesa is called a city in a forest until you come to this park. 🙂 This could be another fun and slightly different activity after island hopping, crocodile farm tour, firefly and dolphin watching.

There are so many nice things you can do when in this city. Just be sure to check out travel blogs (like 🙂 the coolest of them all !) and travel books so you won’t miss out when you come around.Irawan Eco Park Palawan

So see you and have fun 🙂

Location: Barangay Irawan, Puerto Princesa City
Travel Time: 1 hour
Fare: Php 20 by multicab or Jeep
Hours Open: 8am-5pm

*Zipline — although known for being the longest in Asia, it is actually made up of 3 zipline stations. 1st station is the highest with a 914 m distance. 2nd at  300 m and 3rd is measuring 100 m but is the fastest of the three
* Filipino Breakfast – may consist of either plain or garlic rice, with either one or more of the following: egg, filipino sausage, dried fish, corned beef, spam with coffee.

*Transportation in the packaged tour: Tricycle (good for a couple), Taxi Cab (for 3-5 people), and Mini Van (good for 6 or more people)
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