Language, Food and Dress Code

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LANGUAGEIt's more fun in the Philippines

English is spoken quite extensively throughout the Philippines. Tagalog is the national language which is mainly spoken in Central Luzon and Palawan, while other areas have their own dialects – a total of 144 dialects! Signs and written communication are almost always in English except for some advertisements.

Filipino cuisine is a mixture of traditional Malay, Spanish and Chinese dishes. Rice is the staple diet and is usually served with pork, fish, or chicken seasoned with local spices and cooked with various vegetables. Many local and imported fruits are available, although their prices are sometimes high. Stores here do not normally offer the variety available in the West, so if you like your own special brand of tea or coffee, it is recommended that you bring it with you.
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Filipinos generally dress very neatly. Light washable summer clothes are the norm for all times of the year. In this tropical climate with its high humidity, pure cotton material is the coolest, especially for underclothes. Be sure to bring an ample supply with you, as it is hard to find 100% cotton clothes here.

We recommend you to bring 100% cotton trousers and 100% cotton T-shirts, which are most commonly worn by both Filipino male and female. In addition, men should bring along both long and short pants. Ladies should also bring skirts, dresses, shorts and blouses. It is very important to avoid such extremes as low necklines, skimpy see-through blouses, tight pants or very short skirts and shorts.

filipinos-celebrate-easter-at-beachAs for Jeans, we would recommend you to keep them home. Most of the time the climate is too warm and especially for people who are not used to such a warm environment unless your jeans are made of 100% cotton.

Swimming in swimsuits only, is not done here (with the exception of swimming pools in hotels), since most Filipino’s consider them too revealing. Common practice here is to wear a t-shirt and shorts, over your swimsuit.


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