Philippine Culture Part 3

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This is our third article about Philippine Culture. To read the previous articles click here PART 1 or PART 2. In this article i will be talking about Terrorism, Sports and Internet. 

SAFETY AND TERRORISMPhilippine Culture Part 3

There have been major mishaps involving Western nationalities being abducted by terrorists in the past. Because of this, some countries have advised their citizens not to travel to the Philippine.
Mindanao, for example, is a “NO-GO” zone for the US citizens. But despite the clear and present danger involving terrorists’ attacks, it is not really true for the majority of the places in the country. Terrorist attacks are considered isolated and not a normal occurrence.
In 2001 two Americans were abducted in a resort in Palawan and have led to many resorts to rethink their security. Today, most resorts are more prepared and are undergoing training.
Some resorts are hiring retired elite military people to train their own guards so they would be able to handle situations like that in case it would happen again.
Generally speaking, and as a Filipino, even going to Mindanao where the terrorists are is not such a frightening thing to do. Davao City, in Mindanao, is actually dubbed as “one of the safest cities in Asia”.


Filipinos, especially our men love sports. Almost everyone can shoot a hoop here or dig some points in volleyball or pick up a racket and shuttlecock. Philippine Culture Part 3
Improvised basketball courts are a common scene wherever you go in the country. You can find them anywhere. Even in places where they lack paved roads and level ground you will be able to find a basketball hoop.
Most popular sports are Basketball, Boxing, Billiards, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), volleyball, and in recent years soccer, and don’t forget the cockfighting too.

Manny Pacquiao is considered a national hero due to his success in the boxing ring. The only occasions where the roads are empty and the rebels and military are at peace with one another is during Lenten Season, Christmas and when Manny Pacquiao has a fight!
Majority of Filipinos stop whatever it is they are doing when he is boxing – even my mother who is not into boxing!

Philippine Culture Part 3


Here are some facts about our internet speed and social media that is most popular in the Philippines:

  • 2.5 Mbit/s is the average speed
  • Internet in the Philippines is known to be the slowest in Asia
  • Although we are the slowest we are also the most expensive in Asia
  • One of the slowest LTE speed in the world
  • Comparisons: USA 12.6 Mbit/s and South Korea 26.7Mbit/s (the fastest in the world)Philippine Culture Part 3

Despite the slow internet speed and the amount we pay (average for 2016 Php 1995 or USD 40/month) we are called the “Social Media Capital of the World.” Time Magazine labels the Philippines as the “ Selfie Capital of the World.”

Philippine culture is starting to embrace social media. Mainly because it is possible to participate in Facebook and Twitter through the development of Smartphones.

Philippine Culture Part 3

To get our “selfie” Filipinos will do all kind of things. This is so hilarious sometimes, as you see people happily posing even in the middle of the strangest moments just for their precious shot.

Tip: Please be careful when getting your selfie by the roadside. There have been cases of tourists who would pose by the roadside and got hit by a car. So please be careful while taking selfies 🙂

A friendly reminder from all of us at T.I.P. 🙂

Please keep in touch for more on Philippine Culture! Until next time! Take care and Mabuhay!

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