Philippine Culture part 5

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Philippine Culture Part 5Wow it is our 5th article on the things to know about Philippine culture! As of writing, it’s September 2016 and Christmas decors are already displayed. At least in Palawan Malls like what we have mentioned on the previous article. So here another article about the Philippines Culture Part 5.


Drinking and SocializingPhilippine Culture Part 5

It is common for men to sit together and set up a table with chairs around it. This is often done just outside their home or at their gate. They would gather altogether with alcohol on the table and some finger foods. This is a typical Philippine scene.

It has been reported that in 2014, the Philippines ranks 3rd in the world when it comes to drinking. I guess if you consider the growing population this is not surprising. Many Filipinos do not afford expensive Beer or alcohol but that doesn’t stop them from drinking. They just go for the cheaper brands. San Miguel and Red Horse are the most common brands for beer. Gin and cheaper brandy are also very popular.

Philippine Culture Part 5Filipinos like celebrations and they come in various forms including a drinking session outside the house with few people (mostly men). It is often done not only for socializing with friends or relatives but as a form of relaxation too. Some drinking scenes are made into a big celebration with the aide of a karaoke machine where the participants drink and sing their hearts out until they are so drunk they fall asleep or their neighbors have had enough 🙂

Filipinos Love To EatPhilippine Culture Part 5

As seen in celebrations whether big or small, fiestas or even in just a simple street food feast – we love to eat.

Filipinos maybe eat at least 5 times a day, or more for many. Below you can find some sample menu’s for a typical Filipino.

Breakfast (around 7am-9am):
Philippine Culture Part 5

  • Traditional light white bread or “Pandesal” with either of the following: eggs, bacon, hotdog, sandwich spread or processed cheese.
  • OR White rice (plain or fried) with either one of two of the following: eggs, dried fish, canned corned beef, hotdog, Filipino sausage, pork or chicken.
  • Instant coffee, chocolate drink, or instant juice.

Philippine Culture Part 5Snack (around 10am-11am):

  • Traditional Filipino snack like Biko (made from sticky rice, coconut milk and sugar)
  • Instant coffee

Lunch(around 11.30am-1pm):

  • Rice with either of our native Filipino dishes
  • Local vegetables like bitter gourd, eggplant, kangkong similar to spinach.

Snack(around 2.30pm-5pm):
Philippine Culture Part 5

  • Pansit (traditional stir-fried noodle)
  • or traditional Filipino snack of mixed sweetened local banana, sweet potato, jack fruit with jelly in milk and crushed ice (Halo-Halo).



Dinner(around 7pm-8pm):Philippine Culture Part 5

  • White Rice
  • Fried fish or chicken
  • Local vegetable or fruit

Snack before going to bed (Midnight Snack):

  • Ice cream
  • or Chips and Coca Cola


A Little Warning

Philippine Culture Part 5For international tourists who will see a common Filipino eat might find some eating habits funny. Imagine eating pasta for a snack at the coffee shop? That maybe is too much, right? But that is just a norm over here. Pasta is considered a snack.

So if you are a foreign guest who would like to treat a Filipino friend for a snack, all I can say is: “Be prepared”. Don’t be surprised if your Filipino friend will opt for a rice and fried chicken in mid afternoon when you only have a cup of coffee in mind 🙂

Let us know if this article was helpful! If you desire to see more of these kind of articles leave a comment. Continue to help us improve Travel In Palawan webpage.

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