Things To Know About Philippine Culture

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You maybe are a tourist coming or thinking of coming to Palawan. So far, we have been trying to show you what to expect when you do come here to this wonderful island. I think it will probably be good if you are informed a little about the Philippine culture — it’s pretty much the same around the country.

Palawan itself is being flocked by tourists from all over the world including Westerners. You get to meet and greet them every now and then. We also get to mingle with them sometimes because quite a lot of them are residents. Out of my experiences with foreigners I will be writing several articles about Philippine culture.These culture differences can be altogether shocking, funny, alarming or frustrating. We will start with a few….


Tampons vs Sanitary Napkin


I have heard many western ladies getting the shock of their lives when coming to Palawan. Why? Because they couldn’t find anyone who sells Tampons! To be honest, I didn’t know what they meant when they were looking for those! I thought, “Are they talking about some kind of a contraceptive?” That’s how innocent we are when it comes to Tampons. So, yes, be sure to bring ENOUGH of your own when coming here.  Most of the time Hope Fruit & Veggie Shop has them. As they import them from the USA. So in case you need them be sure to contact them.



As a Filipino, it is hard to realize the things that you do different from the Western world until it gets pointed out to Karaoke Complaintyou. Take for example Filipinos’ love for music (for tourists it’s not music really! 🙂  ).  Many people especially the older ones get up at around 5-6am. It can be an amazing trait, I guess. But with their rising up in the morning they can turn the radio on in a blasting high volume.
Also, we love Karaoke! Oh, goodness how we do! This means you can stay in a place and hear the neighbor sing their lungs out the whole, I repeat, THE WHOLE NIGHT THROUGH! It doesn’t seem to matter whether if  it’s a singing voice quality or even if it’s like a tin-being-dragged-on-the-floor type of singing! To make it worse for you, it is going on everywhere you go. Just a little warning 😉



This little wonder is a NEED for us more than the toilet rolls. This is really funny for Westerners to see. Tabo is a small water scoop (tah-boh) and will be found normally in the CR (comfort room). Filipinos don’t really like dry-wiping, so we use water to wash our behind when in the toilet. No worries! We wash our hands too so it should not be a problem 🙂 .
We also use this to tip water over us when we have a shower. Shower heads are seen as an expensive way of taking our shower.  Hotels, Pension Houses, and Inns normally have shower heads and toilet rolls in their CR, so no need to worry.



Lips are not only for kissing but also for pointing and direction. Please be aware of this and be careful. Some Westerners think of this as a way of flirting, but you can get in big trouble if you respond to it in that way. This is known as a very bad Filipino Habit.


Filipino Time


To many Western or even Asian tourists, this phrase is traumatic. In western countries you have to show up at 8am when your meeting is set at 8am! You probably would say, “well of course!”
Filipino time simply means that if Meeting is at 8am, a Filipino might show up at 8:30am or can even get as late as 10am! Most of the time when you say lets meet at 8am, that is the time the Filipino will start getting ready and prepare themselves to meet you. To be honest, It is simply Filipino tardiness. We know it is wrong and a bad habit. However, we have grown so accustomed to it, that it is very hard to change.

Some of you might find the above cultural practices funny and some maybe even annoying or frustrating. We just want to inform you to give you an honest picture of what you can expect when you visit the Philippines. That is why step-by-step we will be writing more about Philippine culture. We hope it helps a little bit. Let us know!


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