Puerto Princesa City

No doubt, Palawan is one beautiful paradise in the pacific that boasts of it’s charm in nature. It has become one of the world’s best destination for holidays or island getaway. What many doesn’t know is that Palawan is a very simple island. Unlike it’s counterparts in the Carribean, or Maldives, Hawaii, or in Bali, Palawan is not set up with luxurious shops or beautiful architecture buildings around. It’s main attraction is none other than nature itself. 

Puerto Princesa City is the island’s capital and it has been showing a good deal of changes in the past decade. Despite of it being widely promoted as a highly urbanized city, like Palawan itself, Puerto Princesa is still a very quaint city without the usual ‘spark’ found in other major cities. You will get the idea below on the places to go and things to do in this city that it’s attraction relies on the historical places and nature. So please don’t get your expectations too high.

Remember: Palawan and it’s city Puerto Princesa is naturally a simple paradise island in the Philippines. 


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