Tricycle Fare in Puerto Princesa City

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tricycleWhen you visit Puerto Princesa City as a tourist you no doubt will be making use of the local tricycles and therefore you need to know the local tricycle fares. Since you have no other means of getting around. Unless you have some strong reservations about it and prefer walking in the baking hot sun and dripping buckets of sweat.

When coming from the West a whole new world will open up for you concerning local transportation. In the West you need to walk or use a bicycle and when it is far you go by car. Often the local buses are taking for ever or way to expensive.
In the Philippines people do not like walking or biking. Most people don’t have funds for a car so that means … yep you are stuck. However the Philippines has an awesome local transport system. That is if you know how it works. You can get anywhere in the city for a very reasonable price.
Please take NOTE! There are many tricycle drivers who are ready to take advantage of you and ask you a very unreasonable price (In short cheating you). Therefore this article. It upsets me to see tourist being charged enormous amounts just because they don’t know the real price of transportation. Fortricycle 3 me personally it can ruin my holiday when I feel like everyone is trying to cheat me.
I will give you a simple guideline and I will try to get the public fare rates that is published by LTFRB and post it here. Yes there are public rates. This means really the tricycle driver is not allowed to ask anything else. If they do you can report them at LTO. All you have to do is get a picture of driver and their tricycle number and report it at LTO. They are located close to Mendoza Park.

Generally it cost Php10 per person for a distance of about 4 km. If it is further price can increase by Php5 or Php10. Sometimes some tricycle drivers will ask double fare. Meaning that you pay for 2 people. Often this is only done when location is a little out of the way and it will be hard to get Tricycle 2another passenger or you have a lot of luggage so there is no place for another passenger to join. For example when you go from Rizal Ave (Main Road) to Pristene Beach … most likely you can expect it to cost Php20. If you are with 2 people it means Php20 should be okay, but if you are alone you can expect to pay Php20.
If you are going to the airport and have a lot of luggage please expect to pay a little more. If you have one big rucksack and you, you can expect to pay for 2 people.
Just a general warning … there are tricycles with Flowers … they are tourist tricycles … please avoid them. They have permission to tour foreigners around and are allowed to ask a different rate. Often they are expensive. So just avoid them and tell them that you are not interested.
Please give a little extra when someone is asking you an honest rate. Maybe add Php5 to your fare. Just to encourage honesty.

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