Vietnamese Village in Puerto Princesa

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During the fall of South Vietnam from the Viet Congs in 1975, thousands of Vietnamese refugees fled Vietnamese Village in Puerto Princesa Cityto the neighboring countries in Asia.

Thousands of refugees came and arrived in Palawan to take shelter. In the year 1996, they were finally allowed to go back to Vietnam. Many of them migrated to the United States and other western countries.  

Roman Catholic Church in Viet Ville

It was through the effort of the Roman Catholic Church that this village was built in 1997. This 13-hectare “Viet Ville” housed almost 2,000 Viet refugees. The village originally contained 200 cottages, a vast playground for the kids, complete with a basketball court, a Roman Catholic Chapel and a Buddhist temple. 

Vietnamese Village in Puerto Princesa City

As time went by many of the refugees left the village and the place started getting emptier. Now hardly anyone is living there anymore and people that visit the place called the village a ghost town. Today, the houses are deteriorating and although they are trying to maintain it a little, it has had its best time. Also, there is not a lot of things going on there except with Viet Ville Restaurant that seems to be doing a good business and is busiest during the weekends.

Eventually, the Vietnamese started to settle and started to mix with the community. Some of them started their own business outside. 

Today you can still find some influences of Vietnamese people settling in Palawan. Their dishes have become part of the Palawan snack or meal time.  There are many Vietnamese noodle houses scattered across Puerto Princesa and Palawan bearing their trademark. They serve popular Vietnamese dishes like Vietnamese soups, rolls, French Bread sandwiches which are very popular in Puerto Princesa and in Palawan.

Location: Barangay Sta. Lourdes
Travel Time: About 50-60 minutes from Puerto Princesa Downtown
Fare: Php25- Php35 (Jeepney/Multicab) from the City proper  

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