What to bring to Palawan

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Sunscreen-HatSunglassesWHAT TO BRING

What is a must to bring with you when you visit Palawan, Philippines.

First definitely bring sunscreen, shades and a hat with you. Most likely the reason for visiting Palawan is the sun, however, when you arrive in Palawan you will notice very quickly that the sun is very strong.  If you don’t have any good sunscreen lotion you can buy it at Hope Fruit & Veggie Shop. I would also recommend you to have some after sun too. This will help protect your skin after you have exposed to the sun during the day.
When you bring shades make sure they are UV protected and have Polaroid vision. Please be aware that when you buy any brand shades in Puerto Princesa City, it most likely is fake and the quality is not the same as in the West.

Mosquito repellent is also very handy at times, IMG_7525but can also be bought in the Philippines. Personally I would recommend you to buy it in the Philippines because often the foreign repellents don’t seem to work so well here. Mosquito’s seem to love fresh blood. I would recommend you to purchase the following brands OFF! or Green Cross.  You can buy it at every pharmacy and convenience store.

Most ordinary needs are available here. If you are particular about the kind of cosmetics (e.g. there is no hair spray here), personal items and vitamins you use, bring a good supply with you. Clothing is very reasonable, but obtaining proper sizes and quality can be difficult. Ladies, please take note that it is hard to get tampons here. Sometimes you can purchase them at Hope Fruit & Veggie .

Finally I would recommend you definitely to bring 100% cotton clothes with you. For more about this check out my post “Dress Code“.

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